Aachen! Stage! Comedy!

You’ll never guess where I’m performing on stage over the next few months. Well, the title of this post might give it away. Aachen. That’s in Germany. And almost in Belgium. And the Netherlands. It’s famous for it’s huge cathedral and tasty Christmas goods: the Printen.

Aachen also has a rather great regional theatre: The Grenzland Theater. It’s hugely popular in the area and its shows sell out faster than Aachen’s Printen at Christmas. So, when the phone rang and my agent told me that somebody had recommended me for a part in new comedy there I was super excited. The theatre’s main concern was whether I spoke German or not, as they’d only seen my UK reel and given that my name is Ryan, they were somewhat sceptical. So, I had a meeting, spoke a lot of German very fast and a few hours later they made me an offer!

It really is something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time now, as I’ve never performed in Germany and the theatre landscape over there is different and something I wanted to experience for myself.

So, from 28 SEPTEMBER until 15 NOVEMBER I will performing in the comedy WILLKOMMEN, playing the role of Jonas – a rather middle of the road bank clerk who is quite sensitive to noise levels in his flat.

Rehearsals started a few days ago and my four co-actors are a great bunch! Talented, nice, funny and rather super at what they do. I’m looking forward to working with them and the creative team and shaping a show worthy of the Grenzland Theater.

More info can be found here: WILLKOMMEN at the Grenzland Theater.

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