Our mockumentary ‘The (Almost) Famous’ has been selected for the Sunlight International Film Festival 2017Β in Berlin and will be screened on October 25 at the BABYLON cinema – a truly amazing venue! I’ve been there a few times before and to have my work shown there is a pretty cool feeling!

The (Almost) Famous:

AsΒ an actor the list of reasons why a role goes to somebody else is endless. Often it’s mundane and nothing to do with you as a person. 9 out of 10 times it’s out your control. The (Almost) Famous is a humorous look at a heightened reality in which a group of actors who could have been the next big thing are stopped by rather specific and unique problems.

Inches away from having their big break, their names and faces are forgotten.Β  Not all actors are on the big screen. Not all actors are famous. These are The (Almost) Famous.

The (Almost) Famous reminds us that for every Brad Pitt there are 1000s of actors you’ve never heard of.

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