On The Road (and in the sky)

When actors don’t update their website for a month it usually has one of three reasons. 1) They’ve not been up to anything and have zilch to report. 2) They don’t understand ‘the Internet’ 3) They’ve been busy and have had zero time to post an update. Luckily, I have fallen into the latter category for the time being (touches wood) (touches wood again) (encourages everybody to TOUCH WOOD).

It’s been a wonderfully busy few months out here in Germany and I have met new friends, new colleagues and have started building a little theatre network over here. So much so, that I have been cast as ‘Jack Worthing’ in ‘The Importance Of Being Earnest’ at a theatre in Bonn. So, it looks like my suitcase and I will be on the road for another few weeks. In between rehearsing during the day and performing in the evening, I have been going to castings, submitting self-tapes and recording voice overs. And while this is not an Oscar acceptance speech, I really have to thank both my agents for being reliable and super efficient partners at my side over the last few months.

2017 has been an insane year, filled with a number of great projects and I think I’ve covered most genres, styles and different types of media. Saying that, I really wanted to get some motion capture in and didn’t. So please: if you have a last minute MoCap request…help me tick it off my bucket list for this year ? But that’s for separate post.


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