Wuthering Heights in Bonn

Heathcliff! Catherine! Heathcliff! Catherine! Heathcliff! Catherine!

What? Well, I’m rehearsing Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights at the Euro Theatre Central in Bonn and it’s all about the aforementioned Heathcliff and Catherine. We’ve got a fantastic stage version by Berlin based Jens Heuwinkel, who is also directing the show. I get to play Hindley and Hareton. So I play my own son and let me tell you: we look very similar. Hopefully my acting will do the rest.

If the name of the theatre sounds familiar: well, it’s where I performed Jack Worthing in The Importance Of Being Earnest and we got on so well that I’ve extended my stay for another production.

We open on January 30 and have shows until 4 Feb and then a bit of a break, due to cast members’ availability. So I’m up for grabs again for a few weeks, ha!

It’s in English, so if you’re heading to Cologne or anywhere close, come and watch us! Tickets: here.

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