A Theatre Sitcom

It’s no secret: I like sitcoms and I like theatre. I’ve done sitcoms and I’ve theatre. BUT, fasten your seatbelts! I’ve just been cast in a theatre sitcom! The only theatre sitcom worldwide! It’s like that 50/50 Hovis Best Of Both bread, only it’s not bread! ‘Gutes Wedding, Schlechtes Wedding’ has been going in Berlin for about 15 years and they pack out the theatre every night. My audition consisted of about 8 different characters, even more voices and the creative team and I had a great time. Well I did anyway and I can’t have been that bad because they offered me the job.

So, if and when you’re in Berlin and fancy some German comedy, come along to The Prime time Theatre in Berlin-Wedding!

I’m looking forward to working with a bunch of talented people who share my love for comedy, know their comedy and understand the value of laughter!

The Prime Time Theatre: here.

Wish me luck!


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