Audible UK audio drama

I had the great pleasure of working on a new audio drama for Audible UK the other day thanks to my wonderful voice agent VOICE SQUAD in London. I signed with them only a few weeks prior to booking the job and it’s great that we’ve got off to such an exciting start. Ever since I started doing voice over many years ago I’ve been inspired and fascinated by the power of the voice and how we can tell stories with it. Being in a studio with a group of talented voice actors who know their craft inside out was simply magical. I learned a lot on the day, had some wonderful conversations with fellow actors and got to work with a great director: Dirk Maggs – who is somewhat of an icon in the audio drama world.Β I played a young soldier for their successful ALIEN audio drama series!

Thanks Dirk, thanks VOICE SQUAD, thanks Audible UK for a great job!

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