“Cash Boom Bang” Series 2 WRAP

It’s a wrap on series 2 of the new German sitcom ‘Cash Boom Bang’ in which I play the IT nerd ‘Rupert’. We shot new episodes in Berlin and it was so good to see the other cast & crew again for the first time since last November (!) when shooting kicked off. As you might be able to tell from my body of work, I have a strong passion for comedy and being of a sitcom is a real dream come true for me. Often as an actor you come on set of a film and barely get a chance to get to know anybody. It’s a pretty quick turnaround and mostly it’s a case of in – shoot – out.

Being in a sitcom however is a totally different experience. You’re part of a creative family and there’s a regularity and certain routine to the work, which is a refreshing change and reminds me working in the theatre.

In short: I love it.

The next shoot dates are scheduled for June and December 2018!

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