Ghost Rockers Series 4

Boo! Right! This post is all about ghosts! And rock! I’ve just done day 1 of 7 for SKY Germany and Studio 100 in Belgium for the TV series “Ghost Rockers” in which I voice one of the lead roles: Alex.

I’ve got more dates throughout April, so will be having more Belgian waffles as a post V/O treat. That or broccoli. Depending how my nutritional mind is feeling.

I’ve been doing this since 2016 and it’s always a great experience being over in Antwerp and meeting the lovely bunch over at Studio 100 who do everything they can to make their V/O actors feel welcome. From Belgian lunches, to funny anecdotes, I always enjoy being there!

Despite the title, it’s not scary at all – but hard work! Which is never a bad thing!

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