THE MIRAI – Fitness & I’m the voice!

I’m happy to announce that I’m the new voice in Germany for ‘The Mirai’ – a brand new FREE fitness concept. I had a brilliant time watching other people exercise and sweat while voicing the campaign, ha! At least I exercised my jaw, Β tongue and lips. That’s got to count, right!?

It’s a concept by the same guys who created McFit – the No.1 German Fitness chain.

The campaign isn’t on air yet, but I’ll update this post as soon as it is!

Here’s more information about The Mirai:Β

Voice Overs now are a major part of my work as an actor and I’m glad all the hard work and effort has paid off! I absolutely love being in the sound booth and working with text, trying to find nuances and different shades that will perfectly convey the core message. It’s a very specific way of using language and a fantastic way to sharpen your skills.

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