Prime Time Theatre Berlin

Right! What fun it has been to be at the Prime Time Theatre in Berlin. Their stage sitcom ‘Gutes Wedding, Schlechtes Wedding’ which has been going for almost 15 years is a huge success with audiences young an old and I received a warm welcome from the theatre and the audiences alike. It can be tricky being ‘the new guy’ in a show that has been running for such a long time, but it’s been an absolute joy and the feedback from the audience has been super! I get to work with a bunch of great colleagues who have become dear friends – I even went to Venice with one of the other actors!

I get to play a number of different characters each night and it’s high energy comedy, so I feel like I’m doing a workout at the same time, ha!

What’s next? Well, we start rehearsals for the next ‘episode’ of the sitcom this week and I’ve been asked whether I’d like to come back for their Xmas episode later this year! While I’ve never been an actor who likes routine and safety, it’s very different this time round. I’d love to spend more time at this venue and with this group of extraordinary human beings. So much talent, so much love and passion for comedy and can-do attitude when it comes to tackling challenges. Whoop!

Thanks for having me and I look forward to many more hilarious rehearsals and shows with you guys!


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