What works for you?

Boo! ? Say Hello ?? to your friendly neighbourhood psychopath. Yes, it’s 95% #comedy that I do, but you know … ?
Everybody is everything anyway. When I approach a part I try to figure out what areas of my personality I need to magnify, what areas I might need to mute, what areas I need to explore further. But at the core I believe we all carry everything around with us already. The trick is knowing what brings out what side of you as an #actor. Is it music? Is it a painting? A smell? A colour? A memory? A place? Animal work? Explore all these tools and see what works for you. What triggers what for you? Don’t worry about having to use every tool there is. Know them. Sure. Try them. Why not. But don’t be afraid to get rid of the stuff that doesn’t work for you. Find your shortcuts, your triggers, your areas. Don’t try to be a good student. Be a good actor.
Sometimes you read a script and you just get it. It clicks. You know what to do. Sometimes it doesn’t click. So make sure you have the right tools. ➡ Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Remember.
Photo: @annemone_taake_photographie
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