Who are you and what can you do?

Right. Casting Type. Many actors hate this expression, but let’s have a look at it. Many feel that’s it’s terribly restrictive, suffocating, limiting, goes against their boundless talent etc. Rubbish. It’s a tool. For you. Ever seen a pizza trying to be a steak?

➡ USE this awesome tool to help others (casting directors, producers, agents, directors) see YOU.

➡ Help them solve THEIR specific problem and you’ll solve yours.

➡ What do you bring to the table / room? WHY did they get YOU in? You’re there for a reason!

➡ Knowing your TYPE gives you the power to focus your energy like a laser when applying for jobs. Stop chasing EVERY job and focus on the ones that are YOU YOU YOU. Not only will you experience less rejection, but you’ll see more positive results, which will further boost your confidence.

➡ PERSPECTIVE: if you were casting for a French woman. Would you see Swedish ladies who claim they look French when they wear a wig and understand the culture because they spent 2 months abroad when they were 19? Try to see things from a decision maker’s point of view.

➡ No idea what your type is? Get a clipboard, pen, paper and go outside. Ask people what they think your age is. Your job. If they think you have kids. If you take drugs. Get an OUTSIDE opinion of who you can play.

➡ VERSATILITY is a type, too. But only if it’s genuine. If you can *actually* pull off a bunch of different roles and convincingly change your energy for each part – that’s a type, too

➡ Also: smile when you’re in that room. WANT to be there

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