You CHOSE this career!

THE EARLY BIRD catches the worm – BUT: YOU might be up and looking for the worm, but is the WORM even up yet?! ⏰ You wouldn’t plant a seed and expect an instant result, right? Sometimes it takes time and that’s fine. What matters is that you plant those seeds and water them. Nurture them and look after them ?☀ Every day. It’s the same with my work I find. I get offers from people I met years ago. Who remembered seeing my work. Who remembered how I behaved on set / at the theatre. How I treated those around me. You never know when somebody is planning the next project and your name is already up on a wall – while you’re sitting at home bemoaning the fact that “it’s so quiet” – it’s not quiet! They’re always shooting a movie, always rehearsing a play, always recording a voiceover! Why be negative, when you could be focusing on the good stuff? Money falls through, character breakdowns change, scenes are cut. You don’t control any of that stuff – so why get irritated by it? You chose this industry. Nobody forced you. Focus on the stuff you DO control. The quality of your work! Your daily discipline. Being proactive. • Turn up prepared • Be nice • Be humble • Get the job done. Make it clear you WANT to be there. You WANT to be working on their project. Not because it’s polite, but because you CHOSE this career. So be happy and let it show ☀
I’ve stopped using business cards. Let your work be your business card ✅
I’m in this for the long run. I plan on doing this for the rest of my life, so I’m in no rush. Am I driven? Yes. Am I impatient? Oh yes. But beyond it all, I have a stubborn heart – and the universe often falls in love with a stubborn heart ??? #acting #discipline #dailydriven#gogetit #modesty #loveyourjob #surpriseyourself #noexcuseswork #actor#creativemornings #asktheuniverse #butdothework #workingactor

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