Sitcom: Series 3

CASH! BOOM! BANG! That’s not shorthand for a bank bank robbery, but rather a new sitcom in which I [lay of the leads. If you’ve been diligently reading the updates on here you’ll know all about it, if not catch up on the posts here and here.

I play Rupert, a loveable nerd, who lives with four friends and has to put up with their strange ideas. Well, strange as far as Rupert is concerned.

It’s been a success with YouTube audiences and we’ve just wrapped on the 3rd series of the show. We have a wonderful “home” studio in Berlin and as we always have the same crew on set , it really feels like a big creative family – something I truly love. It’s a bit like working in theatre where you get to work with the same people every day!

We’re scheduled to shoot the next series (4) later this year and then let’s see what 2019 has in store for us.

Below some shots from the recent shoot:

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