‘Cash Boom Bang’ Sitcom in 2019

What a fantastic year it’s been already filming on our sitcom ‘Cash Boom Bang’Β and we’ve one shoot block left this year!
Then in 2019 I’m back as Rupert to continue having fun with the gang! Hooray Filmkartell Filmproduktion GmbH We Are Social #VWFS

I’ve always wanted to be in a sitcom! For me, it’s the combination of working in a genre I enjoy, spending time on set with a creative family who over the months have become cherished friends and continuing to work on screen. Thanks for all of the above and >>> Whoop Whoop 2019 <<< #CashBoomBang

The show is in German, but if you’d like to see me in action head over their YouTube channel: Cash Boom Bang

Or…Watch the episodes here:

Ep 1 – here

Ep 2 – here

Ep 3 – here

Ep 4 – here

Ep 5 – here

Ep 6 –Β here

Ep7 – here

Ep 8 – here

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