STAGE: Comedy Show Premiere

I’m currently on stage in Berlin in a new episode of a very unique and very funky stage sitcom format. ‘Gutes Wedding, Schlechtes Wedding’, which translates to ‘Good Wedding, Bad Wedding’ and refers to the ‘Wedding’ district of Berlin. The show has been a success with audiences for almost 15 years now. Every five weeks, they produce a new episode and each one ends with: TO BE CONTINUED.

As mentioned above, Wedding is an area of Berlin that’s known for the down to earth attitude of its often funny and eccentric residents. The show is filled with these recognisable characters and the audience have their clear favourites. There’s a Turkish kebab shop owner called Ahmed (one of the roles I play…), evil gothic teenagers set on spreading as much chaos as possible, start up business owners who are surviving on Red Bull alone (me….again…), a rather conservative stay at home mother who enjoy the occasional swinger party and many many more.

It’s a hoot going on stage 5 days a week and the vibe in the audience is incredible. In short: I’m loving it.

Here are some shots from the new episode 118 ⬇️

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