ACTOR PARANOIA: Am I Right For The Part?!

I had a self tape audition for a major film, a major director and a major casting director the other day. All the majors! My paranoid actor brain immediately kicked in when I read the breakdown and told me ‘You’re wrong for the part’, ‘This is wasting everyone’s time’ & ‘You’ll look like a fool in front of the casting director’.

Thankfully,I remembered that I trained as a professional actor and NOT as a professional second guesser. I also reminded myself that the casting director is and has been at the top of the industry for years now and if she reckons I can bring something to the table, maybe she has a point! I self taped. Uploaded it. And guess what: I was wrong for the part! KIDDING. They liked it very much. The casting director personally phoned my agent and told him how much she liked my work. So, the lesson here: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SECOND GUESS. EVER. Do your job, walk away.

It’s something that I wanted to share with you because even though I’ve been going for auditions for the best part of 10 years now, it’s a tricky feeling to shake off sometimes, but SO important. There is literally no point to self taping or walking into that room with anything else, but your best work. Worries, anxieties, preconceptions, prejudices, FEAR, can wait outside. You walk in there, do your best job and leave. The rest is no longer in your control.

Why? Because a) it’s all that matters, b) it’s why they called you in and c) you have no idea what’s happening behind the scenes. You don’t know what character breakdowns have changed, what the director has in mind, what they’re trying to achieve etc … so can spend hours trying to work it all out in your paranoid actor’s brain … or … you spend that time learning lines and making sure you’e in a position to give it 100% when you walk in there.

You’re not a casting director. They get too little recognition in the industry as it is – don’t you start doing their job.

So: remember: DO YOUR JOB, WALK AWAY.


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