London TV Pitchbox!

I’m happy and sleepless to be β€ͺpart of this event with an exciting short-form comedy project created and written by myself, Stuart Benson and Paul Davidson!

Industry feedback so far has been incredible and some great talent has expressed interest in coming on board! I wouldn’t want to be going on this journey with anybody else, but those guys. They’ve become part of my creative family, people I love working with and with whom I share similar values and views. Plus, they’re just great guys and know some wicked pubs around London.

This is the London TV Pitchbox event:

“Online platform Filmarket Hub and Raindance Film Festival are glad to present London TV Pitchbox, a pitching event dedicated to British drama series in development. A great opportunity to showcase your project in front of top TV executives and commissioners.

Among all the candidate projects, seven will be selected to pitch on September 28 at The Century Club, within Raindance Industry Forum. The event already has attendance confirmation from companies such as Sky or Entertainment One.”

It all stared about a year ago with an idea of mine, which turned into a short film and now is a 6 part mini comedy series.

While the bulk of my work is acting and voice over I’ve always enjoyed and needed creative producing and developing own projects. Be it a Euro comedy that involved 114 people from 14 nations, something I created straight out of drama school. Or be it short films and sketches…being an all-round creative person is very important to me and it’s something I respect and admire in those creatives I look up to. Why limit yourself to one thing if your passion and imagination can take you to many shores? Some see this as “Jack of all trades…”, but I disagree. I think it’s quintessentially “creative”. It allows me to create work for myself, develop skills, meet new people and most importantly: tell stories.

Here’s our poster design for ‘SPAM’. I created this as well … yep, I love Photoshop. Another way of being creative!

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