Super Update

Wow. It’s been busy! What have I been up to? Right here we go:

I booked a voice over job for BAYER US through my new voice over agent Sue Terry Voices in London, I’ve filmed more episodes of the German sitcom ‘Cash Boom Bang’ where I play the likeable nerd Rupert, I’ve performed in a new comedy play of the long running cult comedy show ‘Gutes Wedding, Schlechtes Wedding’ in Berlin, I’ve had some really big and exciting castings over in Germany and while I can’t confirm anything yet, it’s all looking rather good (keep those fingers crossed!), I’ve arrived in Cologne to present at the #Photokina2018, the world’s largest photography exhibition and I start filming a new SciFi series the week after I finish in Cologne! I play a young scientist on two time levels! I’ve had a string of voice overs and presenting jobs in between and translated a feature film script via my translation office (

And that’s just August and September! Worry not, I’ve managed to sleep in between and even went to the hair dresser. So clearly my life is in tact. I mean: I have a new haircut!

As always: if you’re a young actor starting out in the industry, feel free to drop me any sort of questions you might have about ‘being a working actor’ and I’ll happily share my advice and experience with you.

I hope you’re all doing well and don’t forget: keep pushing, keep smiling, keep believing and have faith – not hope – but faith.


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