Filming a new SciFi series …

“In a galaxy far far away … ”

… well, it’s not that far away. Actually, the studio is near Berlin. So:

“In a studio quite near to Berlin … ” I will be filming a new SciFi series between now and November. A really great project, very ambitious, with a fantastic creative team involved. I get to play a young scientist on two different realities of time. An exciting change, as most of my work is in the comedy genre. Also, nice to be shooting another series, as a lot of my work lately has been on stage and in the recording studio doing voice overs.

Shooting has already started, but my first of 10 shoot days for “ANOMALIE” is coming up in early October! Of course, I”ll keep you posted with details and on set photos …

Hope everyone is having a great day! Keep smiling, keep going.


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