An interview with … Me.

I was recently asked by CastForward / eTalenta, one of the most prominent casting platforms in Europe, to give an interview about my career, my voice over work and what advice I would give to actors wanting to work across Europe.

Once the interview goes live, I’ll post it here! Duh.

It’s always a great pleasure to share experiences and hopefully others can learn from my journey and the mistakes I’ve made and the things I got right. I firmly believe that passing on knowledge among colleagues is truly valuable and that success recipes should be shared. The industry can be harsh and lonely, so I feel it important to show that there is a camaraderie among creatives and that thriving together is much more fun than moaning and complaining about “the industry”. Boo to negativity!

Stay tuned.

Keep smiling, keep going.

Ryan πŸ’š

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