LIVE Presenting in Cologne

I’m back! No, I’m not Schwarzenegger, but I’m still back! At the Photokina 2018 in Cologne! The world’s largest photography exhibition fair! I’m hosting the Professionals Stage, a area dedicated to experts giving talks and masterclasses on a variety of different topics: the latest technology, branding, legal issues, lighting, filters … the list goes on.

I was here in 2016 and had a fantastic time in the city and meeting a bunch of creatives I’d normally never cross paths with. There’s something deeply exciting to be in an environment that has nothing to do with my normal day to day life and immersing myself in this world.

Also, I enjoy exercising that particular skill, too. As some of you might know, I work as a film / stage actor, voice over and presenter, on stage as well as on camera. The benefit of this – to me – is that I can build sills in each area and they improve my abilities in other fields. So, while it’s a huge amount of work to manage all this, I’m turning into a 360 degree creative, rather than a one trick pony. At least I hope I am.

As always, much love. Ryan πŸ’š

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