Sitcom Filming

It’s been a crazy few weeks with a lot of work, theatre premieres aaaaaand: new episodes of the German sitcom CASH BOOM BANG (Link to YouTube channel)Β πŸŽ‰

We’ve been shooting for over a year now and it’s – still – an absolute joy to work with everyone. The production team go out of their way to make the set a lovely place and us actors get to have a lot of fun. Our writer is a walking joke (in a good way) and has crafted a real gem.

If you didn’t know: I play Rupert, an every so slight nerd πŸ€“Β who shares a flat with his friends. He’s a great character to play and I’m thankful for the funny moments our creative team comes up with!

Filming continues throughout 2019 and I’m excited to share some new episodes with you, as and when they go live.

Production Company: Filmkartell, VWFS

Agency: We Are Social

Keep Going, Keep Smiling πŸ’šΒ Ryan

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