Voice Over work

I’ve moved into a new flat in Berlin, but to be honest I’ve not seen much of it, as I’ve been in various voice over studios!

As you might have already read somewhere on here, I Love (yes, capital L) voice over work. It’s very different from my work on stage and on camera and I love the specificity of it and how I’m limited to a single creative instrument: my voice. It’s sound studios are a wonderful environment to work in that allows maximum focus and workflow. Also, I get to wear track suit bottoms on a Monday morning.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve recorded commercials for various international brands and companies: AMAZON, SKODA, BAYER to name a few.

I’m proud that my clients trust in my abilities and skills to deliver on point as a bilingual voice over artist and I look forward to many more exciting briefs and sessions.

The next step for me is to seek a German voice over agency that can help me build my business, which has already progressed substantially over the last year. I’m exclusively represented in London by the wonderful team at Sue Terry Voice Ltd. and it only makes sense to mirror that in Germany.

Keep Going. Keep Smiling πŸ’šΒ Ryan

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