Stage Sitcom Berlin

That was the last show! Well, for this year anyhow. Our stage sitcom continues in 2019 and I’ve been asked to be part of the ensemble! It’s a fantastic place to work, with terrific colleagues and lovely audiences every night. We play 5 nights a week for 230 people and the atmosphere is electrifying. It’s a whirlwind of a show: rotating through up to 5 different characters, loads of improvisation and I get to bring a lot of my slapstick and physical comedy skills to the table. Every 6 weeks there’s a new episode of the sitcom and we’ve just finished episode 120. Next year the theatre is celebrating its 15th anniversary and has come up with a cool idea: the audience got a chance to send in scenes / ideas / characters for the next episode. So it’s been written by THEM. Our team of authors put everything together and gave it some structure and come January 10th – we open!

Have a lovely Xmas time with your loved ones!

Keep going. Keep smiling. Ryan πŸ’š

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