BE ORGANISED! Sort it out or it will sort you out!

It’s been a busy start to the week! 3 days • 3 cities • 3 jobs ••• While I absolutely enjoy every day of my life and my schedule excites me and makes me feel like a kid in a toy store, there’s a HUGE amount of detail that I need to deal with before I get to play. Here are just some of things to think about …


  • Is there a new version of the text? Have you got it? Who do you need to contact if not?
  • Do you know your lines? Actually KNOW them to the point that if they stick a camera in your face you will remember them?
  • Are you flexible enough to adapt your performance despite having solidly learned your lines? —> „Freedom within Structure“
  • What is the shooting schedule? What’s first?
  • What do you need to do to arrive READY TO GO on set?
  • Who will you be meeting?
  • Is there a dress code? Do you need to buy something last minute? Shoes? Suit? Tie?
  • Does everyone know when you need to leave and where you’re going? How are you getting there?
  • Have you slept enough? Are you rested?
  • Do you know the vision of the director? Are you bringing plenty of ideas to the table?


  • Where is your hotel?
  • Who is picking you up and when? Do you have their details?
  • Is there a supermarket near the hotel in case you need to get something last minute?
  • Have you communicated your diet preferences? Are you bringing your own snacks in case … ?
  • When is your flight / train / bus? Have you checked in? Are your boarding passes on your phone?
  • Is your phone charged? Do you need to get a powerbank if you travel frequently?
  • How long is the journey from the airport to the hotel? How are you getting there?
  • Have you allowed for delays? 
  • Is your luggage within the weight / size restrictions or will there be nasty surprises?
  • Have you got a travel pillow? Do you need to catch up on sleep on the plane?
  • Do you have cash on you in case you have to get a taxi somewhere?
  • Do you have everybody’s contact numbers in case you need to get in touch?
  • Does your agent know all your movements?
  • Do you have all important travel documents?
  • Are you collecting receipts for tax purposes? Where are you keeping them? Do you have a travel organiser?
  • If abroad: are you paying a fee to withdraw money? Could this be avoided?


  • Are you dealing with the invoices? Is your agent?
  • How much commission is he / she getting?
  • When are you being paid?
  • What expenses are included and permitted?
  • Are you keeping the receipts?
  • Who are you invoicing?
  • Do you have the job details to put on the invoice?
  • Do you know your IBAN / BIC for international jobs?
  • Are you being deducted tax abroad? 


  • Do you have a budget for Google Ad words?
  • Do you need a new website?
  • Are there new platforms that would be good for your business?
  • Are you subscribed to all relevant casting platforms?
  • Are you checking Facebook groups? For castings Twitter?
  • Have you got a social media agency? Do you need one? When is the point when you need one?
  • Do you structure your content?
  • What is your marketing budget? Is it a random amount or did you arrive at this figure?
  • Are you promoting your recent work? Where and how?
  • Is your agent promoting your work?
  • Can you get references from people you’ve worked with to include on your website?

The list goes on … 

If your aim is to be a successful working actor/actress – then ask yourself this: how organised are you? YES, you are a #creative, need ready access to your emotions, inner landscape and need to know where your triggers sit, you also need to be organised as hell 📊🔥

➡️ You’re a one-(wo)man company!
YOU are the CEO
YOU are the marketing department
YOU are the accountant
YOU are the head of development
YOU are the creative director
YOU are the cleaner
YOU are the secretary
YOU are the IT person
⚠️ Your agent is your partner, yes. But you are responsible for your company ➡️ Don’t give 100% control to somebody who only gets 12.5% commission⚠️
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