Sci-Fi Series “ANOMALIE” continues …

Greetings earthling! Take me to your leader!

Sorry, all this Sci-Fi filming is having an effect on my mind. Maybe it’s all the time travelling ⏰

Jokes and extraterrestrials aside, the German Sci-Fi series “Anomalie” (Anomaly, you’d never guessed it) continues filming and I’m back on set. It’s an ambitious project by a production company near Frankfurt and they are doing an absolute top job πŸ†Β Go, Tag & Nacht Media

The sets look funky, the scripts are fast, intelligent and a page turner and the creative minds behind the project know what they’re doing πŸŽ₯βœ…

I’ve been shooting since mid 2018, but due to an injury (not me) we had to reschedule some scenes for 2019. So, here we are. I can’t really share too much else, as it’s top secret, a bit like Area 51 πŸ‘½πŸ›Έ

Here are some images – for your eyes only human! Enjoy and keep an eye on more news about “Anomalie”, which I’ll post on here πŸ“πŸ—žΒ I wrap mid March!

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