Comedy! Berlin! A new show!

Ha Ha Ha! Ah, the joyous world of comedy. Isn’t it funny? Well, it should be!

Luckily, our new show at the Prime Time Theatre in Berlin is just that: funny! What are we doing? A stage sitcom! 5 actors play up to 15 parts per night – 5 nights a week. ‘Gutes Wedding, Schlechtes Wedding’ has been a hit with audiences in Berlin for over 15 years now and I’m proud, happy, delighted and many more positive adjectives to be part it!

Every 6 weeks we stage a new “episode” of the sitcom – and the storyline continues! The latest episode is called “USCHI WARS – The Universe Strikes Back” and has a mild Star Wars theme going on 🚀

I play 3 different characters in this episode:

  • Ahmed, a kebab shop owner, with a dry sense of humour.
  • James, a British police officer who is struggling with German words and customs.
  • Kevin, a film nerd who can seemingly appear anywhere.

In short, I’m having an absolute blast! It’s fast paced, witty, energetic and funny! If you’re ever in Berlin, come on over! You won’t understand a word, but comedy is universal, right? 😂

Here are some pictures:

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