My week: Berlin – Munich – Frankfurt – Munich – Hannover – Berlin

I’m on the road. And in the air. And on a train. And in a taxi.

This week I started a new project in Munich – as a presenter, actor and comedian, or as I tend to say, a PrAcCo. The team is super, the concept exciting and it’s nice to see Munich during the day, as I normally only ever seem to have night shoots here πŸ˜‚

Then it’s over to Frankfurt to wrap on ANOMALIE – an ambitious German Sci-Fi series, which I’ve been shooting over the last year. Cannot wait to share this one with you!

Afterwards, I go back to Munich to wrap on the current block of the PrAcCo job. And maybe nosh a Bavarian sausage.

Then I’m off to Wolfsburg (near Hannover) to shoot a campaign for VW.

And back to Berlin – straight into a voice over session and a commercial shoot a few days later.

Keep going. Keep smiling. Ryan πŸ’š

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