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Ah, the BLOG. Here you’ll find (hopefully) useful advice from a working actor – me. I’ve been doing this for over 10 years and have made a living from it full-time for 4 years. I don’t know it all, but here are lessons I’ve learned the easy and the hard way over the years, wisdom I’ve picked up from more experienced actors, directors, producers and ‘industry folk’ as we so lovingly call anybody who works in our field. This section will also include general advice and DO and DON’Ts. But remember: it’s merely MY opinion. Not the holy grail of employment and success. If you know something already: YAY. If you don’t and have learned something new: YAY. So it’s a double YAY situation (Dear Natalie, Caroline, Isobel and Rebecca, this is no creative infringement on ‘DOUBLE yay Productions’, merely a linguistic coincidence. Totally digging what you’re doing).

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 Be Organised! – My take on sorting it out before it sorts you out!

➡ Preparation – My take on your personal and professional preparation before a job / rehearsal / casting.

➡ Sobriety, Health & Stamina – My take on how to look after yourself and your work.

➡ What works for you? – My take on how to use the tools of the trade and when to ditch certain things.

 Actor’s Paranoia – My take on doing your job at castings (and walking away afterwards).

➡ Who are you and what can you do? – My take on how to win at castings and how to figure out what YOU bring to the table.

➡ You CHOSE this career. Be happy and show it! – My take on why your work is your business card and why you shouldn’t focus on things you do control.