“Engaging from the first heart beat”

The Stage

“Perfect physicality…a great understanding of comic and emotional timing”

“…oozes stage presence…”

One Stop Arts London

“Ryan is a gifted actor, with a vivid and consuming imagination, fluent and ready emotions, great originality and an edge of danger, which makes his work unusually exciting to watch”

Simon Dormandy, Director

“Wichert is also incredibly commendable in his portrayal of someone in a vegative state, producing a well studied portrait of someone with such a severe disability, rather than relying on shallow caricature.”

The Grumpy Gay Critic

“Ryan is a joy to have on set…his commitment and preparation for a role is absolute and wholehearted and the results glow on screen. Cast this man now!”

Brian Barnes, Director

“This talented young actor delivers a stand out performance”

TimeOut London

“Wichert is the stand out male”

View From The Gods