My commercial voice is young, friendly, quirky and upbeat. My cartoon characters are big and small, evil and innocent, crazy and rational. I’m also fluent in German! Ja! 🇩🇪


I have a strong passion for creating unique memorable characters within different worlds and combine this with my solid experience in the educational and corporate field where I have voiced several projects for clients such as BMW, BOSCH, UniCredit and the BBC as well as international charities.

On TV, I’ve dubbed one of the lead roles in the Belgian TV series ‘Ghost Series’ for SKY Germany.


I trained as an actor at the Drama Centre London , where I was mentored by an experienced and established UK V/O artist. After leaving, I cut my teeth as a V/O actor working on several audio dramas at Big Finish Productions, educational projects for Footstep Productions and then worked for clients such as BMW and BOSCH, voicing international commercial campaigns and product launches.

I continue my training with UK voice talent and accent and voice coaches such as Terry Besson in London.